Enhance your presentation or thrill your cats with a well-designed blue laser pointer. While laser pointers are traditionally red, there’s something soothing and enjoyable about the color blue, so it’s a nice alternative. On Amazon, you will find a vast array of laser pointers with blue beams. They span a variety of designs, functions, prices and purposes, so finding a solution for just about any situation is easy.

The vast majority of laser pointers purchased by everyday people operate off of LED lights–not lasers. The term laser just happens to be ubiquitous. Unless you need a laser that reaches several miles, or one that can cut through various materials, a low-grade laser beam or LED light should be more than sufficient. Therefore, keep its intended use in mind while shopping.

If you’re looking for a blue laser pointer to use during presentations or while teaching, you can choose from a huge assortment of options. The most popular ones look like pens and are typically housed in chrome or other durable metals. Some styles telescope outward several feet, which gives you even more versatility while presenting in front of a crowd.

Brands like Kensington offer wireless presenters that include blue laser or LED beams. The laser pointer can be used to direct the audience’s attention to specific portions of a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. There’s typically also an attached USB stick or dongle that can be used to store the presentation. Many times, these items also include remotes that can be used to wirelessly navigate through presentations on the overhead projector or screen.

Like many people, you may simply want a blue laser pointer for the fun of it. Cats love chasing blue laser beams, and some products are specifically intended for this purpose. Read reviews to zero in on laser pointers that are easy to hold and use. That way, you and your pet will have hours of enjoyment, and your hand won’t become fatigued.

A durable, well-designed blue laser pointer has so many uses that it makes an excellent addition to any home.