Stylish and functional, blue iPhone 5 cases can show your individualism and protect your phone against damage.

Apple’s iPhones are great devices that help people enrich their lives, but you need a way to tell yours apart from every other iPhone. For anyone who enjoys the blue section of the color spectrum, blue iPhone 5 cases solve the problem of potentially confusing your iPhone 5 with one owned by another person.

These cases are made by a variety of manufacturers and come in diverse designs. Some offer more protection than others. As you might expect, the cases that provide better phone protection tend to carry higher price tags than those that exist principally for looks.

Most blue iPhone 5 cases will give your phone a solid-blue look. Cases that offer your phone more protection from drops will also offer you more style touches. You will find two-tone cases, cases with zigzag patterns and others with designs that heavily feature blue.

As you look for cases built to withstand drops and other accidents, focus on models that are built with features that absorb shock. While an all-silicone case does a good job, a hybrid case that combines a rigid material with a softer one may be a better choice.

When you customize your iPhone with a blue case, you can express yourself. As you research these cases, think about models that reflect your style interests. Cases for iPhones come with a wide array of little touches that can allow you to align your device with your personality.

While many users might choose a simple, one-note case, you have options like metal accents, leather touches and artwork that varies from geometrical shapes to blue-heavy beach scenes. Count on being able to find the blue iPhone 5 case that agrees with your tastes, and have fun!