With so many streaming services now available, you might spend more money to watch streaming films than you do on physical copies of those films. Those services work out agreements with studios that allow the company to offer those films to customers. The problem is that you never know when that agreement might run out, which will lead to the service dropping that film. You’ll also find that some movies just aren’t available online. Watch those movies and some great special features with a Blu-Ray steelbook set.

A typical Blu-Ray comes with just one disc, which lets you watch a movie in high definition on your home television. A Blu Ray steelbook comes with the movie and some special features you won’t get on a DVD copy. The films also come with a stylized case made from steel that you’ll want to display or show off to others.

Remind yourself of the thrill you got the first time you saw Jurassic Park with a steelbook version of the film. This set comes with the film on Blu-Ray and DVD and a separate digital copy you can download. Keep the excitement going with Terminator 3: Judgment Day. This popular action flick features Arnold Schwarzenegger in a starring role and the great camera work of director James Cameron.

Search for a Blu Ray steelbook of Shaun of the Dead, which combines horror and comedy in a delightful way. The film tells the story of two men tasked with saving their friends and loved one during a zombie invasion. You’ll also find steelbook versions of classic films like the Alfred Hitchcock thriller Psycho. The studio released a special limited edition of the movie to coincide with its 60th anniversary. This set features behind the scene documentaries on the making of the film and specials on the legacy of that movie. If you haven’t seen Psycho in awhile, now is your chance to see it the way it deserves to be seen.

Shop for a Blu Ray steelbook to add some new movies to your collection or see some of your favorite films in high definition.