Are you tired of receiving those endless and exasperating calls from telemarketers, agencies and others trying to sell something or obtain your personal information? Perhaps you have an elderly relative who has fallen prey to these harassing and demanding callers. Block unwanted phone calls with the help of a call blocker machine from Amazon. There are many makes and models to choose from depending on your needs.
For instance, Amazon’s top selling and phone blocker is the Digitone Call Blocker Plus. This machine is suitable for both residential and business use, as it is compatible with many types of telephones including analog-type lines with cable modems, FIOS, DSL, DTMF caller ID or FSK as well as lines with digital services from VoIP phone companies. Moreover, Consumer Reports voted this model the best robocall blocker in its reviews. This particular model is lightweight and measures 5 x 3 x 1.5 inches long, but many of the others are similar in size. This is another advantage because you probably don’t have room for a big, bulky machine sitting next to your telephone.
These machines are also easy to set up and use. In the first place, you must have caller ID service with your telephone company for the machine to work. To set up, simply plug one line into your telephone jack and the other into your telephone’s wall jack. That’s it. There is no need for batteries or an external power source. Then, to block unwanted phone calls, hit the reject or block button and the caller’s number is automatically programmed into the machine. Thereafter, the machine rejects future calls from that caller.
If you have a large amount of telephone numbers you want to block, be sure to choose a model that will hold many numbers. While some call blockers will hold several hundreds of numbers, others will hold a thousand or more.
Don’t let unwanted callers get the best of you. Fight back with a call blocker from Amazon where you’ll find the best products at the best deals.