Little sisters are always trying to cramp your style. They copy everything you do, steal your clothes and makeup, and generally give you no alone time. You love them, but you’re getting older, and you want to have a style that’s completely your own. Well, give them something that can amplify their own style, in their own way. Since they just received new Galaxy Grand Prime phones during the holidays, you’ve come up with the perfect solution: to find them a each a bling phone case for Galaxy Grand Prime phones.

Give one sister a phone case that screams dramatic flair, like the Galaxy Grand Prime Case EC Studded Rhinestone Crystal Bling Diamond Hybrid Case. For the sake of functionality, it has a soft, shock-absorbent interior core to protect the phone from bumps and falls, while the hard, polycarbonate outer layer keeps the overall frame of the device from cracking or damage from sudden drops. However, its design is really what adds the ‘wow’ factor, as the teal and purple colored case is covered in sparkling rhinestones, giving it a bright, twinkling aura that makes a statement all on its own.

To satisfy the inner diva in your other sister, opt for the Ancerson Hard, Polycarbonate Pink Swan Camellia Back Case for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Covered in a protective, translucent polycarbonate shell, this case doesn’t sacrifice usability for style. However, the design is certainly the main focus, as this bling phone case for the Galaxy Grand Prime is smothered in rhinestones and trinkets fit for a princess. With 3D handmade crystal accessories, like a large pink diamond-studded bow, an old-fashioned perfume bottle, and various flowers that shine in pink and white, this cover demonstrates absolute class and royalty.

Give your sisters reason to be their own individuals with shining, elaborate phone cases that stand out against the rest.