If you work from home, or love customizing your space at your office, you’ve probably looked at getting some items for your desk. Bling desk accessories are a fun way to personalize the area where you spend so much of your time, and make for a more positive work environment. If you want a few flashy accessories to put on your deck that are also functional, there are so many items to choose from.

The Crystal Desk Pen Holder is a beautiful silver cup that will keep your writing utensils organized, while looking great. It’s completely covered in bright white acrylic crystals, so it will sparkle and shine throughout your work week. If you want to make a statement at your desk, this pen holder is the perfect way to start. 

If you are often using a calculator, the Clear Crystal Desk Calculator is completely covered in bright, glittering crystal rhinestones. The solar powered calculator will turn itself off when you are not using it, and it has all the functions of a basic calculator. It’s available in many different sparkling colors: clear, black, green, pink, and purple. This calculator is sure to add an element of fun to anyone’s work space. 

For the ultimate in bling desk accessories, the Super Bling Custom Made Office Supply Pink-Clear Theme Rhinestone Classy-Bling Staples is available from Fashionblings Couture. This standard stapler is completely covered in beautiful pink and clear rhinestones. If you have someone in your life that absolutely loves bling and fashion statements, this is the perfect gift for them, especially if they’ve recently started a new office job. 

Purchasing bling desk accessories is a fun way to add a bit of personality and pizzaz to an otherwise boring environment. Check out the huge selection of glittering, sparkly desk accessories to transform your work space from adequate and plain, to dazzling and functional.