If you own a business, having a blank receipt form that you can give your customers will certainly be an essential item you’ll need to have on hand. Blank receipts are available in many different styles, but most will be carbonless. A carbonless receipt form lets you provide a receipt for your customer while also retaining a duplicate for your own records.

The Adams Sales and Order Book, 3-Part, Carbonless, 5.56 x 8.44 Inch, 50 Sets, White, Canary, Pink (TC5805) is a 3 part carbonless receipt form with consecutive page numbers prominently printed in red ink. There are blanks for customer name and address, date, order number, sales clerk and shipping information. Columns allow you to easily itemize a customer’s order, including quantity, item description, price and amount. The forms measure 5.56 inches by 8.44 inches and come in a package of 50 three-part sets.

Depending on your needs, you might not need a blank receipt form with a great deal of detail. Sometimes all you need is a simple way to show that a customer has paid. The Adams Money and Rent Receipt Book, Tape Bound, 3-Part, Carbonless, 7.63 x 11 Inch, 100 Sets, White and Canary and Pink (TC1182) offers an easy solution for giving a receipt for payment. These forms feature a place to allocate payment amount, the name of the person payment was received from, a line to indicate what the payment was for as well as a balance due space. Enter account number, payment type and the name or signature of the person receiving the payment. With a 3 part form, you’ll have a copy to give the client and copies for your records.

When purchasing blank receipt forms, be sure to consider the items you want to have included on the receipt. Additionally, the size as well as the number of copies you’ll need for your records will also play an important role in determining the specific forms you order.

The Adams Sales Order Book, 3-Part, Carbonless, 4-3/16″ X 7-3/16″ Inch, 50 Sets, White, Canary and Pink (TC4705) can be used for many sales order applications. These sets include areas for product description, number ordered, amount, customer information and much more. The handy size ensures you’ll have plenty of room to write up your orders.

A blank receipt form that meets the needs of your business will ensure you have a backup copy for your records, while offering your customer a detailed and professional looking copy.