Everyone appreciates a hand-written note. Whether you are conveying birthday wishes, a holiday greeting, a message of thanks, or just a note to let your loved one know you are thinking about them, writing it out in your own hand is the best way to get your personal heart-felt message to them.

The beauty of blank note cards is that essentially a blank canvas for anything. Easily customizable, one design is appropriate for many different occasions. They can also express something about you, the sender. For example, the Rainbow Card Company’s 6”x4” blank greeting cards feature a variety of cute pups on the cover, such as St. Bernards, Chocolate Labs, Dalmations and Terriers, making them appropriate for sending to dog-lovers, or to convey your love for dogs to the recipient.

Blank note cards are appropriate for a variety of correspondences. Send some get-well wishes to a friend, tuck one under a ribbon on a wrapped present to let the recipient know who to thank, or present with a gift card for a no-wrap gift. While you can hand-write individual notes, blank note cards can also be sent en masse by pasting in a pre-printed message or photo, or by customizing the interior with your scrapbooking skills or artistic talents. They are a wonderful venue for letting children’s creativity take over, for a personal one-of-a-kind message grandparents will cherish.

While blank cards have multiple uses, one of the biggest benefits to having a blank interior is that you don’t have to shuffle through a store aisle or your desk drawer for a card that matches the right sentiment to the receiver.