Getting a Blackberry Torch can be an exciting purchase because it is a durable and reliable phone with a variety of features and gadgets to accompany it. With their traditional QWERTY keyboard, Torches can be much easier and quicker to use than touch-screen devices. However, there is a long list of accessories to consider purchasing that go along with the phone and that will greatly augment your cellular experience.

Additional chargers are a must. Although most phones will come with one wall charger, these are very easy to lose or damage. There are bundles available that include a wall charger, car charger, and extra USB cable to plug into a computer or other device. They also make charging pods or dock stations, and having any variety of these components will ensure you never run out of energy. If that is still an issue, consider keeping an alternate spare battery around, like the FS-1 1270 mah-battery, which would remain fully charged in case of an emergency.

Another necessary Blackberry Torch accessory is a case, as this can protect against shock or water damage. These can come in a variety of different designs and colors. Some will be more cosmetically appealing while others will be more protective and durable. If you want your phone to last for a long time, consider getting an LCD screen guard in addition to a skin-tight or hard-shell case. Keep in mind that having these on will not allow the Blackberry to fit onto the charging dock, although it would still be able to be charged normally.

Purchasing a holster or pouch for your Blackberry Torch is also a handy accessory that will keep your phone by your side and protected. The leather folio pouch case is a bit bulkier but definitely easier to keep track of, while the leather swivel holster will keep your cell available by your side when you’re ready to go.

If you’ve invested the money to buy a good cell phone, why not make sure that you have all the necessary accessories to go with it? Buying the right charger can save you a lot of trouble, and getting the right case can make your phone last a lifetime. Remember, Blackberry Torch Accessories go beyond just a little stylus.