If you are a proud owner of Blackberry, you will want to update your software and apps to optimize the performance of your smartphone and make the most out of Blackberry features. Do you notice any of your office applications running slowly? Before you remove a bulk of your videos or apps, check if you have installed the latest Blackberry software update. Check also if your apps are tailored to the current operating system of your phone. Below are some of the apps and software updates for Blackberry you can install to get the most out of your device.

Chat will fellow Blackberry users with the cool BBM instant messaging app that is free to download and lets you quickly share files, photos, documents as well as voice notes for free. With BBM, you will know when your messages have been delivered and received. It also includes a myriad of emoticons to make your messaging fun and unique. Another free downloadable app that will connect you to anyone in the world is Viber. With Viber, you can text, share video and voice messages, as well as make free phone and video calls with HD sound quality.

Those looking for quick news updates in the technology world can download the Tech Trends & News freely. By registering, your Blackberry will sync to an RSS feed about mobile computers, smartphones, tablets, smart watches, headphones, digital cameras and even tech rumors. Health and fitness enthusiasts, on the other hand, will be interested in the Fitbit free download app which tracks daily fitness goals like food, calories and weight. You can keep yourself entertained with cool game apps like Hero Leap (Robot Wars) and To The Last Shelter Standing.

Make your Blackberry device up-to-date by installing Blackberry software update on your smartphone. With a Blackberry software update, you get more useful features and enjoy ways to keep you connected.