When you keep your entire schedule (and life) in the palm of your hand, you need to make sure it’s protected. For people with regular smart phones, cases are a necessity to shelter their phones away from the elements of a busy life. But for a Blackberry Passport owner, your personal assistant in the form of a phone requires a higher quality case to keep it going as long as you do. Investigate your options for a Blackberry Passport case for the AT&T version, and keep your little buddy safe but ready for action.

For a well-rounded product, opt for the Seidio Surface Case for AT&T Version BlackBerry Passport. Fashioned in a sleek and slim design to not add bulk just to add safety, these cases give you the ultimate scratch protection for your Blackberry – and that doesn’t just refer to the main screen. The camera’s lens on the back gets protection too, as the case raises it above the normal resting height to protect from rubbing and scratching on surfaces it sits on. With functional cutouts allowing you access to all of your necessary buttons, without removing the cover, you’re set to go with this Blackberry Passport case for the AT&T version.

Keep yourself from stress for a lifetime with the BlackBerry Passport (AT&T) Screen Protectors. While you must already have acquired a Blackberry Passport case for the AT&T version, add these extra screen protectors that come in a three pack for money-saving options and dependability. And just in case you’re still nervous, this product comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. No matter which case you pick, grabbing a pack of these will ensure your phone’s durability for life.

So keep your electronic PA comfy and safe by supporting it with the perfect, protective case and screen protectors.