Keep your device charged using the latest Blackberry 9900 accessories. Benefit from convenient features and prevent phone damage, too.

One recommended selection is the Blackberry Charging Pod. Just let your phone sit on it for a safe, rapid charge. This fast power booster is useful when you don’t have much time to replenish your device’s battery. However, you can use this dock every day. It’s compact enough for placement on the floor, the nightstand, or desk. Use it at work if you want, too.

To keep your device safe, use the Blackberry Leather Pouch with Swivel Belt Clip. This high-quality holster and case combo will prevent you from forgetting or breaking your device. Even if you did drop it, the impact would not be as likely to cause damage to your phone. It will also deter water from soaking your Blackberry. This leather case fits the 9930, 9900 and comparable models.

The OEM Blackberry Black Leather Pocket Cover Case also fits the 9900 and the 9930. This one fits nicely in your pocket or in your purse. It prevents water damage and keeps the dirt and grime out of your smartphone. This cover will also minimize damage caused by impact.

The RIM Hardshell case is another option. The thickness of it keeps the phone intact when dropping it, and it provides a barrier against moisture. Additionally, it also shows off the contours of your Blackberry. This along with a keyboard cover would provide maximum protection and preserve the life of your device.

If your phone is still in excellent condition, you might need to replace the battery after few years. If it’s time for a new one, you can check out the batteries available for the 9900, 9930 and similar models. Feel free to browse for cases, chargers and docking stations as well.