Though many customers have found a lot of use with the latest line of full touch-screen smartphones, the Blackberry Curve 8520 still stands out as a premier phone for texting, email, and professional use. But despite not having a large screen, there’s still a need to keep your Blackberry protected, and choosing a Blackberry 8520 case from this selection can very well do that.

When it comes to variety, this 10 pack of multi-color Silicon Cases is a great option that provides a smooth fit to your phone while also giving it protection against scratches and mild drops. In everything from hot pink to green to purple to white, not only is this an inexpensive way to stock up on protective silicon cases, but it also gives you the option to mix-and-match your phone with your outfit. Also, you can give them away as gifts to other Curve owners, all for a lot less than many single cases.

But if you need something with a bit of versatility, the Blackberry Leather Holster comes officially from Blackberry and is a tremendous Blackberry 8520 case that clips right to your waistband, allowing you to quickly have access to your phone without the risk of tucking it into a pocket where other items can cause scratches or dings to the phone itself. The phone pocket also rotates, allowing you to adjust the holster vertically or horizontally for additional comfort.

For that over-the-top side of you, KarenDeals offers a Bunny Silicon Case with Fur Tail Stand. This case includes a furry cotton tail to stand your phone upright and two large silicon ears that match the color of the case. Available in Smoke Grey, Pink, Hot Pink, Blue, and Black, this slim-fit case not only holds securely to your phone and provide ample protection but also adds a bit of extra character to your case.

Finding a Blackberry 8520 case from this selection isn’t difficult, whether you want something simple or extra-durable, you’re bound to find a case that will more than meet your needs right here.