At one time, over 5 percent of Americans owned a Blackberry phone. Even as the Blackberry has fallen in popularity in recent years, it still hasn’t lost its luster for its die-hard users. Some of Blackberry’s most famous users include President Barack Obama, Arianna Huffington, Malcolm Gladwell and the Tiger Mom herself, Amy Chua.

If you’re a die-hard user who is looking for the perfect Blackberry 10 case, read on to learn which one best suits you.

1. For The Iconoclast Blackberry Owner

If you’re a bit quirky and irreverent, yet are all business when it comes to your work and phone, then you need to consider purchasing the BlackBerry OEM Leather Flip Shell Pocket. The flip cover allows for easy access, and its fit and features lets you seamlessly integrate this product with your BlackBerry phone. An added bonus is that this BlackBerry 10 case is more than affordable.

2. For The Tough-As-Nails Businessman

If you like to keep your power symbols on your belt, then you will need to check out the OEM Blackberry Q10 Black Hard Case Shell & Holster Combo with Kickstand Belt Clip. Not only will the hard casing protect your phone from most accidents, the sturdy belt clip will keep your Blackberry 10 exactly where you need it, whenever you may need it.

3. For The One That Needs To Keep Their Credit Cards And Their Phone In The Same Place

The Poetic BlackBerry Q10 Case with a leather protective flip cover is just the thing to keep both your credit cards and your phone safe in the same place. The additional wallet slots in this flip cover case, as well as its small size, lets you store it almost anywhere. This particular case can handle a tough commute on public transportation or in a car as it won’t take up a lot of space in your briefcase or bag.

Purchase a BlackBerry 10 case to keep your phone safe against accidents, spills and loss. Most of them are affordable, so that is all the more reason to purchase a case for the item that keeps you connected to the outer world.