Do you remember the day when your family had but one phone and it was a black wall mount corded phone? Believe it or not, these are still very much appreciated by those that like the vintage look as well as knowing exactly where the home phone is. You can find everything from a standard look to a fun payphone to capture this timeless look for your décor.

The 3-slot style payphone was first introduced in the 1950’s and stayed that way for about 15 years. You can get that same look with the Crosley CR56-BK 1950’s Payphone with Push Button Technology. You get the best of both worlds as you get the look of these adorable phones but the features of a modern phone including push buttons and a redial feature. You won’t have to use coins to make a call, but you’ll want to anyhow as the coins jingle as you deposit them and it stores them in a convenient coin bank in the base of the unit.

Crosley also has their CR55-BK Wall Phone that looks just like the old rotary dial phone you might remember from your childhood. It has the look but you use newer push-buttons for dialing. It is available in black, brushed chrome and red.

Along came the 1970’s and the classic rotary dial black wall mount corded phone was finally replaced with a push-button dialer. It had a look all its own that you can recreate with the Cortelco 2554 Single-Line Wall Telephone. No bells and whistles with this replica so you’ll be able to experience life as it once was.

You may love your mobile phone and even the cordless ones you have in your home, but with a black wall mount corded phone you’ll be able to hang onto a day when things were so much simpler. Phones back then were practically indestructible and nothing beats the satisfaction of slamming down a phone receiver.