Stylus pens are a wonderfully useful addition to the purchase of any tablet or touchscreen computer. These pens are often times more accurate than your own touch, and feel more professional. On top of that, they help you avoid smudging up your screen with the oils from your hands.

Stylus pens are great for tablets with cases that allow them to be propped up, or one of the many new laptops and desktops out there with touchscreens as well. These pens extend your reach to your tablet or computer and ultimately improve your entire experience.

If you need a black plastic stylus for a touch screen, then you can look in the direction of Generic’s 3 Pack of Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen. These pens are great for any touch screen device, and they come in red, black, and silver.

If you are a Nintendo DS gamer, then you might be interested in CommonByte’s Black Plastic Stylus for Touch Screen for Nintendo 3DS XL LL. This product is a great replacement for your old stylus and comes in a pack of 10 so that you don’t have to worry if you lose another one.

Generic also offers a pack of Universal Touch Screen Capacitive Pen for Kindle Touch iPad 2, Iphone 4, and 4S. This is a black plastic stylus for touch screens. For much more than one simple gaming device, it can be used on a number of different tablets. This pack comes with multiple colors and features a clip so that you can attach the stylus to your cases or pockets.

Whether you want to buy a stylus simply because you like the look, or if you understand the practicality and want to avoid scratches and oils from accumulating on your screen, buying one of these black plastic styluses for touch screens is a good choice.