Electricity is used on a daily basis to keep us connected to the outside world and power all the appliances and devices inside our homes. How many times have you needed to plug in a cell phone or laptop only to find that all the electrical outlets are full? This has happened at least once to everyone. The good thing is there are options available to quickly add more power outlets where they are needed.

The easiest solution is to add an outlet adaptor to the existing plug. This gives you the ability to add anywhere from two to four extra outlets, increasing the total available outlets to six. They are also available in different orientations where the outlets are on the front of the adaptor, or on the side, making it easier to plug in devices when the outlet is behind bulky furniture.

If you need to add some length to the device charger, a power strip is a good option. Most power strips have anywhere from three to six extra outlets and range in length up to several feet. This will allow you to utilize an outlet in the corner of the room and still be able to use your phone or tablet while it is charging.

If you need to add outlets around your nightstand, a black clock outlet is the answer. The Sharp Alarm with snooze, USB and 2 power outlets will never leave you looking for a place to charge your devices again. The clock has a digital display with a snooze feature. Both the black clock outlets and USB charger can all be used at the same time, meaning all the devices can be charged in the same place without having to crawl behind the nightstand on a daily basis to find an outlet.