Wire-rack storage shelves are versatile pieces of furniture that are used at both homes and businesses. Initially, you build a basic metal frame with bottom and top shelves flanked by four posts. You’re able to add as many shelves as you see fit within the frame afterward. These racks must be secured with black clips for a strong storage shelf configuration.

These specialized black clips have specific cutouts within their shape to support wire shelves. You hold a shelf at the frame level that you desire, and lock the clips into place along all four corners. Although these clips don’t appear tough, they can hold significant weight when properly snapped into place.

Alera sells these clips in multiples of two. You need two clips to hold one corner of the shelf so a total of eight clips must be purchased to support one shelf. It’s possible to buy four clips or a large package of 16 clips in the marketplace. Ideally, purchase more clips than necessary. You might buy more storage shelves in the future. These black clips can be used on almost any wire racks in the marketplace.

You might be in the market for more than just black clips for a storage shelf. In fact, you can find entire wire rack systems sold online. Search for reputable sellers, such as Salsbury Industries or Safo, and you’ll discover standard shelving and cube organizers. These systems come with shelf clips, but you may want to buy extra ones for any additional shelves added to your order.

Most metal storage shelves are silver or gray in color, but you can order black shelving from Omega as an alternative. Standard black clips for a storage shelf will still work for these products. The clips will simply blend in with the rest of the black shelving hue.

Most wire storage shelves are universally sized, but check your system before buying any black clips. If the shelf posts are too wide or narrow, the clips won’t properly support the load. Search for the perfect clips online, and you’ll be organized in no time.