If you have ever dropped your iPhone, you know how easily the screens break. A cracked iPhone screen is a costly repair. If you own an iPhone 4 or 4s, you’ll want to keep it protected to help avoid an expensive mistake. The best way to ensure your phone remains safe and secure is to always keep it in a protective case. There are numerous cases on the market. Your specific needs help determine the ideal phone case for your iPhone 4/4s.

If you aren’t very active or aren’t concerned about replacing the screen, you can opt for a decorative, light-weight case. They are available in many different designs and colors for your iPhone 4/4s. If you’re concerned about maintaining the condition of your phone, look for a case that offers more protection. Rubber cases are fun and offer some added protection. Unfortunately, they aren’t completely durable. For example, Insten Ribber Case for iPhone 4/4s is a good, low-cost option.

For someone that is out and about on a regular basis, you’ll want a rugged case. The black RANZ Apple iPhone 4 / 4S Black Rugged Impact Armor Hybrid Kickstand Cover with Belt Clip Holster Case is the perfect case for a phone that needs heavy duty protection. For example, if you work in the construction industry, this case is ideal for you.

Unlike other cases, this one actually features 3 different layers of protection. The first layer is a silicone rubber gel that securely wraps around your phone. This layer provides shock absorption. The second layer is a strong and durable plastic case that includes a built-in kickstand. Whether taking pictures or watching videos, the kickstand allows for hands-free viewing. The final layer is a rotating belt clip holster, which securely attaches the phone to your belt and allows for easy access. Simply take the phone out of your holster when you need to use it. Clip it back into the holster when you’re done.This case is comparable in quality to other more expensive triple layer cell phone cases. You’ll pay a fraction of the price for the same durable protection those other brands offer.

Another option is the ULAK Heavy Duty Rugged Hybrid Rubber Shockproof Hard Case for iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S with Belt Clip Holster Kickstand. This case is shock-proof, which helps to lessen the impact of a fall. This case is stylish and costs around $10 or less. It’s a great option for someone on a budget.

If you want to maintain the condition of your iPhone 4/4s, you’ll want to invest in a rubber case or a heavy duty 3-in-1 case.