If you’re in the mood for a Christmas thriller, make sure to buy a copy of the Black Christmas anniversary edition. This film made waves when it was shown back in 1974 because of its subtle but scary scenes and the fact that it combined the cheery atmosphere of Christmas with the dark ambiance of murder. You’ll love watching the movie with a bunch of friends and, if you’ve seen it before, you’ll want to watch it again and relive the horror.

If you love watching VHS movies, don’t worry since you can buy the original “Black Christmas” in VHS format online. If you’re a fan of Blu-Ray films, you can also get the movie in Blu-Ray DVD. It comes with uncovered sound scenes and interviews with some of the casts, and it even has a “12 Days of Black Christmas” featurette in case you didn’t get enough of the movie.

Once you finish watching the original film, why not check out the 2006 remake? Stylized as “Black X-Mas”, the new version follows the setting and characters of the original movie but has a slightly different plot and approach. Many people like either the original or the remake, while others like them both. Either way, you need to watch the new version to decide which camp you belong to. Black X-Mas is available in DVD and Blu-Ray, but you can also rent it and watch it online.

Aside from Black Christmas, you can also check out other Christmas thrillers and buy copies of them online. “Silent Night, Deadly Night: Parts 1 & 2” is a great choice since it combines two exciting holiday horror movies. You may also like “A Christmas Slay”, which focuses on a killer who’s obsessed with Santa.

Buy your copy of the Black Christmas anniversary edition and other holiday horror flicks to have a scary Yuletide movie marathon.