If you grew up in the 80s, you would remember one of the funniest and most popular American shows that aired on NBC — BJ and the Bear, which basically revolves on interesting plots about a man (BJ) in his mid twenties, a dependable truck that accompanies BJ in his adventures, a sheriff and his chimpanzee traveling companion (Bear). Refresh yourself with the series by watching full length episodes of BJ and the Bear in DVD.

Jump in with the adventures (and misadventures!) of BJ and Bear as they take on anything in return for $1.50 a mile with the complete seasons and episodes of BJ and the Bear in DVD. The DVD includes 10 episodes in the first season, 20 episodes in the second season and 15 episodes in the last season.

Rated G, the series is a great way for the family to watch together and anticipate how BJ and his monkey withstand all adversaries (corrupt politicians and cops) in the rural town of Georgia. To watch this and other hit shows in the 80s, you can try Amazon Prime to stream thousands of movies and TV shows whenever wherever you want.

While the series ran for only 3 years, the truck which accompanied BJ and the Bear became one of the most famous cars in television. Get your hands on an original 1981 photo print ad (10-inch by 6-inch) showing the famous truck and a picture of BJ and the Bear. Add on your collection a Thunder Roller “BJ and the Bear” Hot Wheels 2015 Retro Series 1/64 die cast vehicle. The model is approximately 3 inches long and designed in details exact to the hit series.

Relive your childhood memories with the classic 80s American comedy series BJ and the Bear. Enjoy laughing along the script and get yourself something to remind of the good old days through collectibles.