With nine seasons under its belt, it’s safe to say that “The Big Bang Theory” is one of the more popular sitcoms of the current generation. As the show focuses on geek and nerd subculture, it’s only natural that there is a variety of merchandise that taps into your inner geek, with merchandise ranging from vinyl figures and LEGO sets to themed board games.

Naturally, the best gift for any “The Big Bang Theory” fan is DVD or Blu-ray sets of each season. For many fans, watching the show in sequential order is the only way to watch it, but with each season set you get the added bonus of better resolution and sound. In addition, each television season set features a number of extras, including outtakes and a behind-the-scenes look at how the show is made.

If your “Big Bang Theory” lover already has all the television season sets, there are still plenty of other gifts that will tap into both his love of the show and his inner geek. One such gift is the LEGO Ideas The Big Bang Theory 21302 Building Kit, which is a 484-piece set based off Sheldon and Leonard’s living room. In addition, it also contains LEGO mini-figures of the entire cast, letting you re-enact scenes from the show in miniature form.

If you’re looking for something more appealing for a group, try The Big Bang Theory Monopoly or Clue: The Big Bang Theory. Both board games put a new spin on an old classic, replacing characters and places with “The Big Bang Theory” characters and locations.

For “The Big Bang Theory” lovers who want to channel their inner-Sheldon, the Funko Pop! Vinyl line of toys features vinyl toys of the whole gang, including Sheldon and Penny, in addition to a smaller line of blind box vinyl toys where who you’ll get is a mystery!

“The Big Bang Theory” is truly a celebration of geek culture. With many merchandising options to choose from, your gift can be just as big of a celebration. Any of these choices would make even the pessimistic Sheldon squeal with delight!