Armbands give bikers, joggers and others looking to exercise the chance to hold onto their mobile phone without keeping it in their hands or keeping it in the way. By keeping it strapped to the warm, an armband gives an exerciser the chance to keep phones close while listening to music and doing it all hands-free. It can be tough to find the right big armband for the Galaxy 6 and other phones with so many options out there, but it’s easy to compare online.

One example is the iPhone 6 Waterproof Armband Case, available from SGRICE and only in the color black. Although it is made specifically for the iPhone 6, it is large enough that it should be able to accommodate the Galaxy 6 and other similar smartphones. One thing to note, however, is that the cut outs will be specific for iPhone buttons rather than others, but you’ll still gain the benefit of a soft screen protector that can still let you use the screen.

Another option is the uFashion3C Standard Armband for Running, suitable for the Galaxy 6, iPhone 6, Note 5 and LG G4. In addition to white, the armband is available in other colors like blue, green, grey, hot pink, pink, purple, red, sky blue, white and yellow. There’s also a built-in holder for your keys.

The same company also includes a thicker armband for phones using Otterbox cases. It is available in the same colors and is otherwise functionally the same armband.

When you’re in the market for a big armband for the Galaxy 6 or other phones, the first thing is to consider what it is you want to achieve with the armband. For example, if you just need something that will keep to your arm without extra security, then that will be easy to find for a low cost. Others still are designed to keep things stable and ensure the phone won’t slip out, which is better for more intense exercises, but it will also be a bit more pricey. However, the benefits still outweigh any disadvantages.