One of the main reasons that so many bicycle riding enthusiasts choose to use a bicycle camera dashcam is that they want to document their journeys on their bikes. Of course, another reason they are used is to document what happened in case of an accident. Regardless of why you want one, you will be happy to know there are many different options available for bike riders.

The Innovv C3 (90 Degree Angle Lens, High Heat CAPACITOR EDITION) Camera System is one of the more popular cameras with bicycle enthusiasts. At just a pound and a half, it will not add a lot of weight to your bicycle and it is small enough that you could install in two places-one facing the front and one facing the back for added documentation.

Of course, the 4-in-1 Waterproof 12MP 1080P Full HD Sports Action Camera Car Dashcam with G-Sensor Motion Detection 140 Degrees Wide Angle Lens HDMI H.264 DVR194(White) is another great option for bicyclists. As it is waterproof, a lot of people prefer it as they can still record their journeys in the rain. Like the Innovv C3 camera, it is lightweight at just over a pound. It also versatile, which means you can use it on your bicycle journeys or to record your favorite water sport.

Once you have chosen a bicycle camera dashcam, you may want to consider the EEEKit 6in1 Biking Kit for Sony Action Cam HDR AS15/HDR-AS30V/HDR AS100V/HDR AZ1 Mini/SJ4000,Bicycle Handlebar/Helmet/Car Mount and Micro HDMI Cable. This allows you to install your dashcam on your handlebars or your helmet and will even include options for mounting it in your vehicle.

The truth is that if you are riding your bike, documenting your journey will be extremely beneficial to you. You can show others what you do and what it is like traveling on your bicycle. Most important, though, if you ever do run into trouble, you can have everything documented with the bicycle camera dashcam. The video feed it will provide you with may be all that you needed to prove what really happened if you needed to.