The Critical Concerns

First of all, a medical student’s watch needs to be waterproof. Besides the risk of accidental splashes and immersion, a watch for medical use should deal well with frequent hand-washing. Medical watches need to be precise, too. Professionals prefer steady-sweep second hands to those that pause noticeably every second.

Medical watches need to be easy to read in all conditions. Luminous dials or numbers are preferred, especially those that don’t need two hands to illuminate. This allows a medical student to check a pulse while reading the watch.

Wristwatches Vs. Lapel Watches

Besides the conventional wristwatch, many medical students like to use a nurse’s style lapel watch. These watches have only a single strap that allows the watch to hang from a lapel, pocket, or tag. This arrangement makes it easier to read the watch one-handed – or even entirely hands-free.

Best Buy Beauty sells nursing watches in a variety of different colors. The features of these watches are tough and businesslike, but the color range allows for personal expression. They have smooth second hands and a ring of minute numbers around the outside of the watch face to make pulse-taking easier. The watches’ bands are made of synthetic, non-porous material that resists infection.

JAS manufactures many excellent watches designed expressly for healthcare professionals. They’re the go-to name in lapel watches. A lot of hard-working nurses and students prefer JAS’s Infection Control lapel watches. These are entirely encased in silicone for easy cleaning. If you’re looking for a watch that would make a great gift for a medical student, JAS also makes a Unisex Nurses’ Lapel Watch in silver-colored metal. This watch is ideal for having special sentiments engraved on it.

Online shopping is a great way to find the best watches for medical students. These specialized timepieces are sometimes hard to find in ordinary retail stores, but they’re absolutely vital for the healthcare providers who use them.