A wireless router is an essential component of any wireless network. It’s the main device that broadcasts the network and allows devices to connect. Unfortunately, many consumers have great difficulty understanding wireless routers and how they work. The best value wireless router can distribute a secure Internet signal throughout your home. When shopping for a router, it’s important to purchase a modern product.

Many of the older routers have major security flaws, so they make it easier for hackers to steal your personal information. A great example of a modern router is the D-Link Wireless AC Smart beam 1750 Mbps Home Cloud Dual-Band Gigabit Router. It delivers the speed that you need for large file transfers, gaming and HD video streaming.

However, it also has built-in security measures, which help to keep hackers out of your network. D-Link is a well-trusted brand in the industry, so you’re almost guaranteed a great experience when you buy their products. If speed isn’t a major concern, and you don’t plan to constantly stream HD videos, consider the D-Link Wireless N 150 Mbps Home Cloud App-Enabled Broadband Router DIR-600L. It’s a basic router and will work well for the average consumer.

When browsing routers, the most important features are security, speed and range. Safety should be the top priority, but you also want decent speed and range. If you live in a larger house, you need great range, and the D-Link DIR-600L offers excellent range. The TP-Link TL-WR841N Wireless N300 Home Router is another router that provides great range and speed. Something that a lot of consumers don’t consider is how easy the router is to use.

Cheaper, basic routers tend to have the simplest interfaces, so they’re especially ideal for people who aren’t very good with computers and technology. If you’re looking for a very compact router, the Netgear WGR614 Wireless-G Router is a great choice. The best value wireless router will make sure you always have a safe, fast and reliable Internet signal to use in your home or office.