Handwriting lovers are as passionate about their styluses as they are about their favorite ink pens. The best stylus cannot just be some stick with a cushy tip on it that was designed to click links and buttons rather than write. No, the best stylus for writing has to be designed for writing. It should be comfortable to hold, consistently read by the device, have a fine point, and have something in place to protect your device’s screen from scratches and heavy handed writing.

One such popular choice is the Musemee Notier V2 Precision Stylus from Electronics 4 People. The stylus is 8.3 inches long for a comfortable grip that would translate well into digital painting as well as writing. The tips are replaceable and have a crystal clear disk covering the tip so that the pressure of the stylus is spread out and away from the fine point of the writing tip. The clear disk flexes to allow you to write from any angle. And, like any good pen, it comes with a protective cap. Musemee has this pen in a rainbow of color options (the body of the stylus, not the “ink” or color of the line created).

DotPen from Dot-Tec is made of precision machined anodized aluminum allow for lightness and includes rubber grips for comfort and stability. The tip, or “Active-Quill” of this stylus is made of tough thermoplastic and is slick, so as to move easily over glass screens. Because it is battery operated, this stylus promises a lack of lag in your electronic writing. The included AAA battery provides 12 hours of writing time.

Just like everyone has their own particular taste in ink pens, you will find that you have a preferred kind of stylus. Finding the best stylus for writing will have less to do with ratings than it has to do with your writing style. But once you find it, you’ll never want to let it go.