How do you decide which are the best portable laptop speakers in the market? Apart from the price and general quality, its features have to coincide with what you need separate speakers for in the first place.

For instance, the GOgroove USB Laptop Computer Speaker with Clip-On Portable Soundbar Design (Black) from Accessory Power is for both general desktop and mobile use. You can either clip it on the top or one side of your laptop (it can firmly clip onto ½” thick surfaces), or simply use the included stand to set it on any flat surface. The only audio and power connection it requires is a single USB cable that’s also included in the package.

Another very interesting option is Eton’s Rugged Rukus, a solar-powered, Bluetooth-ready, and smartphone-charging speaker. Not only will it connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, it can also play endlessly while under direct sunlight. In the dark, and at full charge, its batteries can provide about 6 to 8 hours of life. You can even use it to charge small electronic devices. Its IPX4 rating also makes it water-resistant and extra rugged.

If what you’re looking for is a portable laptop speaker that’s fully waterproof, there’s Hakey’s Portable Wireless Outdoor & Shower CRS 4.0 Speaker. Certified with an IP rating of IP65, this might be the best portable laptop speaker for beaches, poolside, showers, or outdoor camping. Its compact size and included clip will allow you to actually swim, surf, and hike in the rain without damaging the device (as long as it can maintain a Bluetooth connection with your player).

Any of these products can be considered the best portable laptop speaker. They’re all great for enhancing the volume and sound quality of whatever compatible laptop, smartphone, or audio player that you’re using. Stop settling for substandard audio output and get yourself one of these groovy speakers.