Music at your fingertips is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of the iPod so why not take it up a notch with a set of portable speakers? Whether you are having a party, going camping or simply hanging out with friends a pair of great speakers promotes fun for everyone. Read on for some of’s best portables speakers for iPods.

At around the size of an egg, the best Bluetooth speaker not only for iPod but also for Apple, Android, iPhone, and iPad is the mini portable wireless speakers by xsboom. With such a small design, this speaker comes in black and will easily fit in a purse or jacket pocket for premium portability. This speaker quickly syncs to your device and even contains a built-in microphone so you can enjoy some of your favorite features like Skype.

Roughly the same size as a small hand held radio is the TForty2 Bluetooth Speaker. Crafted in a sea blue color, this speaker can work both inside and outside. The built-in microphone enables users to utilize incoming calls with hands-free mobility just like when you’re in your car. It works with any Bluetooth enabled device for added convenience.

For the ultimate portability, consider the iFox IFS303 Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Constructed with a silver and black appearance, this speaker includes a “key chain” hanger to make it quite possibly the most portable wireless speaker of its kind. Some added benefits of this mobility include the ease of hooking it onto your backpack during a spring hike in the woods. It would also be simple to attach to any hook nearby when you are working on a DIY project of fixing some minor car repairs. Turning any parking lot into a tail gate is simple with the iFox IFS303 since it can go anywhere and hang anywhere your heart desires.

So no matter where you want to use a portable iPod speaker, has the one to fit your needs. From black to blue, there are options in appearance as well as size. Don’t limit your music to a pair of headphones when you can do whatever you need and still hear your tunes with a wireless Bluetooth speaker.