If you are one of those that always likes to be prepared, then you should consider buying one or more portable ham radios for yourself and the members of your family. Although ham radios are usually used by enthusiasts, many survivalists and families have one or more of these radios on hand that can be used in the event of an emergency.

When choosing the best portable ham radio, it is important to select one that delivers a very strong signal. Having a strong signal is a top priority because signals help improve communications. In addition to considering the signal, you want to consider the number of channels, bands and whether or not you want a handheld radio.

Although most portable ham radios are handheld and battery operated, there are standalone devices that can operate on batteries and can be cranked when AC isnot available. To cover all of your basis, you should consider ordering a self-standing and handheld ham radio unit as well.

In addition to the strenth of your signal and portability of your unit, you may want to consider all the different built-in features. Some units include alarms, have automatic VOX, voice prompt and many other features. Some of the other units do not have any advanced features and just the basic. Having these features to use may make a difference should you need to use your radios during an emergency.

When your phone lines, cell phones do not work and Internet goes down, you need to have the ability to call for help via your cell phone, telephone or the Internet. Having a portable ham radio that you know how to operate to call out for help may wind up being your only open line of communication in an emergency. Whether you plan on using your portable ham radio for hours of fun or not, you should order one or more portable hand radios for yourself and other members of your family just in case.