The best portable copier has unique features that help make life easier for us. Whether you are a salesperson and need to make copies on the go, or you need to provide high quality color documents away from the office, you productivity will increase drastically using these copiers.

One particular copier, the HP Envy 4500, provides high quality color images, and uses a wireless connection. This is considered the best portable copier due to the larger than average LCD interface that allows you to operate the device with ease. Also, it’s affordable, portable and high-quality, which are three traits you should look for in a portable copier. Imagine the huge advantage a salesperson would have when they can print out high quality color documents on demand.

This is especially true for the competitive apparel business. For example, the customer asks about how their logo would look on a particular hooded sweatshirt. All you have to do is access your software, put the logo on the shirt in question, then use the copier to print the potential client a picture of what they want. Sales increase because you give the buyer exactly what they are looking for in record time.

These lightweight portable copiers hold a limited amount of paper in the feeder, allowing you to do two-sided printing if needed. The smaller ink cartridges are affordable, allowing you to make many copies each day without running out of ink. Another excellent example of the best portable copier is the Canon Pixma MG5520. This little copier is extremely affordable, and produces crisp text and color images. The unit can scan images that can be stored and utilized once you are back in the office.

If you’re looking for an affordable portable copier, do not skimp on features. You should be able to get an affordable copier that has fax, scanner, printing and color copy capabilities. Don’t let the word portable fool you, by the way. These devices have as many, if not more, than all the features you would expect to find in the largest office copiers. A portable copier can help to give you that professional image while making your life easier in the process.