Photos are like treasures, our most precious moments captured in time. In the past high quality photos had to be obtained from a professional printer, but as technology progresses so does our ability to print these cherished memories at home. Choosing the best photo quality color laser printer is easier when you know a little about how they work.

Laser printers and inkjet printers are significantly different. An inkjet printer uses liquid ink cartridges to spray ink onto the paper in dots. A laser printer like a Lexmark CS310, on the other hand, uses powder based ink and then heat to fuse that ink to the paper. An inkjet printer tends to bleed into standard paper where a laser printer provides very crisp results.
Another major difference you should keep in mind when choosing the best photo quality color laser printer is speed. Laser printers are faster than their inkjet counterparts. An HP Laserjet Pro 400 for example can provide crystal clear documents at speeds of twenty-one pages a minute and higher.

A major advantage of the best photo quality color laser printers, like the HP LaserJet Pro 200, can be the length of time the toner lasts. Inkjet printer cartridges are smaller and tend to run out fairly quickly. Though you will pay a little more for the toner for a laser printer in the beginning you will find that it is significantly more efficient and gives you a lower price per page.

Photos or documents printed on a laser printer won’t smudge when you grab them out of the tray. Things printed on an inkjet printer can often be smeared or smudged if you take them out of the tray before they have completely dried. Because laser printer ink actually fuses directly to the page you can safely grab your photo the moment it’s done.
Laser printers can be a fantastic addition to any home office, or small business.