Some seniors are resistant to advances in technology. Others embrace it full-on. For every one who says “I’d have a cell phone if only I could get one with a rotary dial,” there’s another who can’t wait for the next iPhone incarnation to be available. Additionally, some seniors manage just fine without any adaptive aids, while others need a bit of help.

When choosing the best phone for seniors, keep in mind individual needs and ability levels, along with the type of phone needed. If your senior needs a cell phone, but has trouble hearing, the Quad-Band GSM Flip Phone by Unishine is a good choice. It features a loud speaker, and also an SOS button that will call up to five contacts in an emergency. It also features FM radio and MPE capability. The ringer is loud.

The best phones for seniors who rarely venture out but are mobile are cordless phones with big, easy-to-read buttons. The High Volume 40 dB Large Button Cordless by Serene Innovations is feature-packed, with talking caller ID, large keys, one-touch emergency calling, and both audible and visual voice mail. The ringer is very loud, and the handset is hearing-aid compatible. It comes with a single handset, but can be expanded up to five.
For seniors who don’t want a handset phone, the CL4940 Corded Telephone by AT&TA corded features a large tilt display, extra-loud ring, big buttons, and an audio-assist feature that makes speech clearer. It also has a digital answering system, and speakerphone for hands-free use is one of the best phones for seniors who prefer a corded unit.

If you are a senior who is shopping for the right phone, or if you are looking for a phone for a loved one, you have many different types and models to choose from. Check out some reviews before you shop, and you’ll find the right phone.