Now that you’ve invested all kinds of money in your Samsung Galaxy S6 chances are you want to protect that investment in all ways possible. This means taking a look at the best phone cases for Galaxy S6 and making a decision that will ensure your device stays safe, free from damage, and still compact enough to easily carry it around with you.

Because you want your Samsung phone to last as long as possible, checking out the best phone cases for Galaxy S6 just makes sense. From H-O is the Galaxy S6 Case, Samsung Galaxy S6 Case, (Drop Protection) Premium TPU&PC Armor Full-Body Impact Resistant Shock Absorbent Protective Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S6 (Hot Blue). This case is a light grey with aquamarine blue trim. The case is sleek and lightweight, yet adds drop protection since it is impact and shock resistant. All of your ports, your speakers, buttons, and camera are still accessible since this one was created specifically for the Galaxy S6. What’s cool about this case is that even though it is technically a hard shell case, it feels like a soft shell thanks to the silicon.

If water is something that worries you then fear not because YOSH has a case that can work for you. The YOSH® Universal Waterproof Case Bag for Apple iPhone 6s, 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Best Water Proof, Dust Dirt Proof, Snowproof Pouch for Cell Phone up to 6 inches(Black) is a great option to consider if you plan on being around wet conditions. This case protects your device in the rain and snow, and it was even tested under the actual water. The case was able to protect the phone for two hours in the tests.

What makes a phone case “the best” is a really a personal choice. It’s important to understand what you need so you can be picky when it comes to cases.