Perhaps the most popular Samsung smartphone in recent memory is the Samsung Galaxy S5. It is the last flagship from the S series to sport a microSD card slot and removable battery, which, to this day, endears it to users. With that being said, if you own this phone, you will want to have a good case to protect it. Here are a few options of best phone case for Galaxy S5 to consider.

Spigen is a company that is known for making great quality cases for smartphones. It has perhaps the best case for Galaxy S5 in its Ultra Fit premium protection SF coated non-slip matte hard case. This product is available in smooth black and protects all the sides of your phone. It is made with premium polycarbonate with a urethane coating to prevent the color from fading and for a better grip. It is lightweight, yet protects the screen of the phone with a slightly raised lip and provides shock absorption against drops. There are also appropriate cutouts for all buttons and ports, giving you quick and easy access to them when you need them.

Cocomii has a case for the Galaxy S5 that is heavy duty and offers full armor for the phone. It is the Robot case, which includes full body dual layers with maximum protection against drops, impacts and cracks to the screen. This is considered the ultimate protection for your phone and even includes a belt clip that transforms into a kickstand. This case is so rugged that it even offers some water resistance. It is available in color options of black, black and red, black and white, black and green, black and purple and black and blue.

A very nice case that is both slim and stylish is the Maxboost Vibrance Series. The case is slim, simple, elegant and functional, offering long-lasting protection to the sides and screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5. It comes in a lovely color option of Italian rose and champagne gold, allowing you to show off your device while keeping it well protected. There is a soft, rubbery grip that ensures that you won’t drop the phone.

Each of these can be considered the best phone case for Galaxy S5. They come with great low prices and offer the phone maximum protection.