Nowadays, the most important tool many of us use every single day is our smart phone. Whether used for business or pleasure, our personal and business contacts, precious pictures, appointments, games, and more are stored on one small device that can fit in our back pockets. It’s scary to think that all that precious information can be lost in a moment if our smart phone breaks. That’s why it’s incredibly important to protect our investment with a high quality case made from durable, dependable materials.

The OtterBox Defender case for iPhone 6 Plus is a great investment to protect your phone from damage due to dropping or bumping. The durable 3-layer case is lightweight and features a built-in screen protector that is highly effective and preventing scratches. A port cover keeps dirt and dust particles out. Also included is a belt clip holster that can be used as a hands-free stand while viewing online media. It’s available in black, blue, electric indigo, glacier and neon rose. The case is a favorite because it’s sturdy and dependable. Otterbox cases are so effective many customers turn to the brand every time they upgrade to a new smart phone.

Another favorite choice is the OtterBox Commuter iPhone 6 Plus Case. This 2-piece, lightweight case protects against drops and bumps and features a self-adhesive screen protector. Its slim design allows the phone to easily slip in and out of pockets. The case comes with a one-year warranty and is available in glacier, aqua sky, black, ink blue and neon blue.

This lightweight iPhone 6 case provides top-notch protection as it is said to withstand drops from up to five feet onto hardwood, tile and concrete.

Rest assured that your iPhone 6 Plus will be well protected when you choose a case by OtterBox.