Any child who likes Barbie dolls will appreciate any additional Barbie stuff to play with. You just need to figure out which particular Barbie add-ons your child is most likely to enjoy.

Could it be the Barbie Pop-Up Camper Vehicle? While this official set from Barbie may look like a normal pink RV, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The top opens up to reveal two floors where the Barbies can hang out while camping. On a hot day, you can pull out the swimming pool at the bottom of the RV, which can even connect to an included slide that starts on the second floor. The front of the vehicle can be converted into a bathroom, and the back can be converted into a kitchen. It has everything your Barbie needs for glamping in the great outdoors. When it’s time to go, just fold everything back up and your dolls can hit the road in style.

Speaking of style, you can also opt for Qiyun’s EastVita Doll Shoes. While not officially made by Barbie, each of the 10 Pairs of 100% brand-new one-inch doll shoes in this package is designed to fit regular-sized Barbie dolls. If your dolls aren’t the exact right size for these shoes, you can just display the fabulous footwear as part of your Barbie doll’s fashion collection.

If you’re looking for something more dynamic, check out the Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse and Teresa Doll. This package gets you not just a battery-powered horse that actually walks forward, but also a Teresa doll that can be set-up to actually mount the horse to ride it. It’s an awesome feature that needs to be seen to be believed. Check out the video on the product page to see how it works.

Whatever your child is into, there’s a set or package of Barbie stuff that’s sure to pique her interest. Get her the stuff and add-ons that she’ll most likely enjoy and you can watch her face light up when you hand her the new toys.