With an Asus notebook PC UX303L, a power adapter/charger that’s compatible with that model, and a padded bag that can carry and protect both laptop and charger, you can make a college student, a corporate worker, or a weekend gamer really, really happy.

The ASUS UX303 13-Inch Laptop [2014 model] is a laptop of considerable power. It’s equipped with a 2.2GHz Core i5-5200U processor and an Intel HD 5500 Graphics card, allowing you to play most modern games at a smooth 30 to 50fps. Just don’t expect it to smoothly run The Witcher 3 or Battlefield 4 at maximum settings. However, you should have no problem running games like those in medium settings. Its 8GB DDR3 of RAM and memory speed of 1600MHz allows it to run smoothly even if you’ve several applications running simultaneously. The maximum resolution of its 13.3” screen is a whopping 1920 x 1080p. The battery typically lasts for seven hours.

You’ll also need the iTEKIRO AC Adapter for Asus. This Asus notebook PC ux303l power adapter is actually compatible with plenty of other Asus laptop models. It sports an L-shaped DC connector which protects both the connector itself as well as your laptop’s power jack from wear-and-tear. The included two-prong AC power cord is six feet long, and combined with the adapter’s DC cord as well as the brick, the total length comes to 11 feet – making it easier to be mobile while charging the laptop. There’s even a 10-in-1 universal USB charging cable that comes free with purchase.

Complete the package with the Evecase 12.5 – 13.3 inch Carrying Tote Bag Case with Handle and Carrying Strap. This beautiful neoprene messenger bag can serve as your laptop and charger’s home. It also has enough compartments for extra cords, devices, and accessories. You can get it in black, pink, purple, and blue.

If you feel like treating yourself to a package that’s both fun and useful, get the Asus notebook PC ux303l, a power adapter/charger, and a bag that can protect and carry both.