In today’s information age, our computers are a super critical tool for the home, business and all kinds of communication. Keyboard operations are so necessary for today’s work environment, that if a key goes missing, or the keyboard stops functioning, there can be a snowball effect of negative impacts.

We don’t even think about how we use our keyboards, until something goes wrong. However, the reality is – keys break. Coffee spills. Keyboards stop working. If that happens, Acer offers what consumers call “the perfect replacement” keyboard.

The Acer E1-571 Keyboard supports the busy professional with a seamless typing experience with crisp, quiet keys and an overall pleasant feel. This four-star keyboard is of exceptional quality that motivates both the professional typist and the non tech-savvy to write, game or play – with ease.

85% of customers on Amazon rave that this keyboard is both easy-to-install and it provides great value. One customer mentioned that she was able to determine how to get her keyboard up and running within a few minutes, even without instructions.

Customers typically receive the keyboard within a few days and are able to start typing right away, so they can get to their important to-dos.

The keys respond to light pressure accurately without the “banging” or stickiness of other keyboards. You can also take advantage of all the keyboard shortcuts. The Acer E1-571 Keyboard includes all of the latest features and functionalities so you can enjoy gaming, play music, watch videos or do a simple Google search.

Our computers are a part of our every day lives. The right accessories are critical to speed, performance and the overall technical experience we have everyday. Built for comfort, the full sized layout of the Acer E1-571 Keyboard supports a satisfying user experience for people who require zero hesitation and freedom of utilization.