Your Acer Aspire R13 touchscreen laptop enhances your work and play. Make it even more useful with accessories. Cases, earbuds, and other Acer Aspire R13 touchscreen accessories let you show off your style, protect your laptop, and improve the functions you use most.

The Acer Aspire Active Stylus is an aluminum pen that works with Acer touchscreen laptops and e-books. A stylus protects your screen from greasy fingerprints, and gives you more accuracy when using the touchscreen features. Take notes without the noise of typing, or draw in finer detail. This stylus is designed to look and feel just like a ballpoint pen.

SumacLife manufactures a bubble padded laptop sleeve for all Acer Aspire 13.3-inch laptops. This Acer Aspire R13 touchscreen accessory is a microsuede cover with a neoprene inner layer to completely protect your laptop. The shock-absorbing bubbles inside keep your Acer safe even when racing to your next class or meeting. It also has an extra zipper pocket for flash drives, paperwork, your mobile phone, or anything else you may carry.

Another great laptop sleeve option is by Evecase. Their neoprene carrying sleeve for the Acer Aspire R13 series has a handle for easy carrying, and comes in three colors. It is lightweight and long-lasting, and will fit easily in a backpack, purse, or briefcase.

The DURAGADGET Premium In-Ear Earphones are designed specifically for the Acer Aspire R13 touchscreen laptop. These earphones are ergonomically designed to be comfortable for extended wear, and produce a full range of sound, including deep bass. They use copper free cable for better sound quality.

Brands such as SumacLife also offer Acer Aspire R13 touchscreen accessories kits, with cases, headphones, external storage, and other accessories included. Most of these accessories come in many colors and patterns so you can choose your favorite. Check out all the options to find the accessories that will make your laptop the perfect tool for you.