The Acer Aspire R11 is a fun little convertible laptop model with a generous 500GB hard drive, an 11.6” display, and the Windows 10 OS. Mini-computer models like the Aspire offer you great portability, allowing you to easily take your work, school assignments, email, and everything else you need wherever you go. However, portability comes with the potential for drops, bumps, and other damage to your device, so you definitely want a protective Acer Aspire R11 case. Cute covers abound in the online marketplace, giving you the opportunity to show your personality.

Get funky with the Bohemian Style Canvas Notebook Ultrabook 11 Inch Sleeve Carrying Case from Case Star. This durable canvas carrier features adorable little elephants and antelope marching between fun patterns on your choice of a blue, brown, black, or red background. You’ll enjoy superior protection with the foam padding lined with soft fleece, for a double layer of shock absorption. The zipper keeps your laptop nice and snug, and the compact design allows you to easily pop the case into your messenger bag or briefcase. This Acer Aspire R11 case is cute and fits most 11-inch and 11.6-inch devices.

Evecase offers a Multi-functional Neoprene Messenger Case Tote Bag with Handle and Carrying Strap. This bright and cheerful bag is available in hot pink, black, blue, or purple, and features handy pockets for storing power cords and your smartphone. The outer is made of cushy neoprene, the interior is lined with soft microfiber, and you can use your device right inside the case when it’s opened. The zipper closure keeps everything closed up tight and the padded handles and shoulder strap make for comfortable portability.

Take your laptop everywhere you go, safely and easily, with a colorful and fun neoprene sleeve or complete carrying bag with shoulder strap.