When your laptop or tablet battery gets low, you’re going to be stuck to a wall outlet if you want to continue using it while charging the battery. If you want a better way to use your laptop while charging, getting an AC adapter for your Inspiron 11 3147 or other computer is a great idea. These adapters are much longer than standard charging cords so you can sit comfortably at a table or desk while charging instead of cramped on the floor next to an outlet.

If your power cord for your laptop stops working or you want a longer charging cord, check out the PWR+ Extra Long 14-foot Adapter Charger that works with many Dell computers. These chargers are made with high-quality materials and include smart features such as safeguarding your machine against incorrect voltage, short circuits, and internal overheating. The long length of this cord is convenient because you can charge and use your laptop from a longer distance than a regular charger.

Another option is the iTKEIRO AC Adapter for Dell laptops. This adapter will power your computer while plugged in and charges it whether your laptop is on or off. The convenient 11-foot cord lets you work on your laptop from a longer distance from an outlet. It has a 90-degree elbow that places much less stress on the connector to ensure that it is long lasting. As a bonus, you’ll also get a 10-in-1 USB charging cable that has 10 different connectors to fit a variety devices so you can easily charge them on your laptop.

When your power cord or charger stops working, or if you just are fed up with having to be right next to a wall when your laptop battery is low, think about getting an AC adapter for your Inspiron 11 3147 or other laptop.