When it comes to digital audio devices, the electronics market of today offers a wide variety of choices for virtually every listener. If you are a fan of compact discs, there are personal CD players, portable CD players and full-fledged stereo systems designed with CD playability. On the other hand, if MP3s are more your thing, Samsung, Apple and a plethora of other companies offer a huge selection of MP3 digital audio and video players for your personal enjoyment. Even your smartphone is capable of playing MP3 music files, giving you the ability to listen to your favorite music and watch video content right from the palm of your hands.

For some people though, the speakers on these digital devices are just not powerful enough for them to fully enjoy their digital content. This, of course, is where a battery powered speaker can come in and change your listening game for the better. Bluetooth connectivity is also a very popular feature among portable speakers these days, and in order to be able to take advantage of this feature, your speaker has to have power.

A speaker that runs on battery power offers you a convenience that a speaker requiring and A/C power cord does not. Even better still, are the ones that can be powered by either method. Larger speakers that run on batteries are usually designed to run on size D or C batteries, but smaller speakers often require size A or AA batteries instead. An AA battery speaker can instantly turn your smartphone into a mini sound system, and many of them allow you to adjust the volume and sound quality as well. If you like your audio loud and full of bass, purchasing an AA battery powered speaker with a bass boost feature could be your best bet.