Sony’s Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera is an easy to use camera for beginners. In the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing, it’s a versatile machine for capturing high quality images. While reliable and useful in itself, you can maximize the capabilities of the camera through the help of certain a6000 accessories.

Just take a look at the contents of the Advanced Accessory Kit for Sony’s line of Alpha cameras. What’s in this big package of a6000 accessories? It comes with a replacement battery and charger that not only allows you to charge via wall plugs, but also has a connection that makes charging in your car possible. The carrying case is made of a shock-proof and water resistant nylon material, includes a removable divider, and has plenty of zippered compartments for essential a6000 accessories. There’s also a 57” full tripod for maximum stability while snapping photos, a 67” monopod for selfies and unique camera angles, a mini tabletop tripod, and a 7” spider flexible tripod that can be used to mount your a6000 on a variety of hangings and surfaces. There’s also a USB 2.0 Secure Digital Slim Card Reader/Writer for more convenient file management. You can also opt to purchase single useful accessories that don’t cost as much as a full advanced kit. For instance, the Expert Shield *Lifetime Guarantee* Screen Protector is an accessory that can save your A6000, A5000, or A5100’s screen from scratches. The lifetime guarantees come with good reason – Expert Shield simply believes in the reliability of their screen protectors. Another accessory that’s worth checking out is the Sony A6000 Flash Bounce Card, a simple light diffuser that can be attached to the front of your camera’s built-in flash, allowing it to light your photos with a much softer, more natural-looking light. Purchase comes with 3 bounce cards: translucent white, clear, and amber.

Experimenting with different a6000 accessories will allow you to discover the different things that you can do with this advanced mirrorless camera. So don’t be afraid to try out as many as you want. You never know which accessory can help you take better photos.