The iPod revolutionized music listening. Compact discs are a thing of the past because of the innovations of this small and light digital music box. Carrying music around is easy now and having a A1367 iPod Touch 8gb case is the way to carry your iPod. Whether it’s mounted on your sleeve or in your pocket a carrying case for the iPod will make listening to your tunes even more convenient.

Tuneband for iPod Touch Fourth Generation is design to hold an iPod Touch onto the arm allowing for exercise and out of the way enjoyment of music from the device. The silicone cover allows access to all ports, buttons and camera, and the Velcro strap fits a wide variety of arm sizes. The holder has a screen protector to avoid scratching of the device and comes in several glow in the dark colors.

MagicSky makes this Shock Absorbing Slim Protective Cover Case for the iPod4. This hard plastic outer shelled case has a rubber silicone inside liner that keeps the iPod from scratches and is shock resistant. This very slim case has an ergonomic grip that will keep it from being dropped accidentally.

Bastex gives us a bright pink Heavy Duty Hybrid Protective Case with polka dots for the Fourth Generation iPod that includes a stylus. The case is thick and durable plus it allows access to all the buttons and plug-ins on the iPod. This unique looking case is very stylish.  

The A1367 iPod Touch 8gb case will protect a person’s musical investment and will look stylish doing it. Whether you listen to music while exercising, or just relaxing on the porch, these rugged and easy to access cases can help keep your music flowing. This is a great gift that people should buy for their loved ones and themselves as well.