Produced by Warner Bros. in 2002, “A Walk to Remember” the full movie addressed serious issues before they were even a huge concern. The main idea behind this romance was that love works to bring people together, even when lifestyles and peer pressure try to keep them apart. Considered a coming-of-age story, this movie is based on a book and now able to be purchased and watched right from your living room. Staring Mandy Moore and Shane West, the full movie lasts for a period of one hour and 43 minutes.

When you purchase this movie, you will find there are a number of options to consider. While you can purchase the lone movie, there are also dual DVD sets, such as the “A Walk to Remember” with “Pay It Forward,” which was produced in 2008. You can either purchase this movie to arrive at your home, or stream it right after purchase. This is a popular option as more and more people are wanting to minimize their DVD collection.

If you enjoy movies such as “A Walk to Remember,” there are other, similar movies with stories lines that match this theme. Some of these include “If I Stay,” released in 2014 and “The Spectacular Now,” released in 2013. If you love romance movies, need a good cry or just want to see a happy ending, then this is one of the best movies to consider. According to people who have previously watched this “oldie but goodie,” you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll just feel good.

In a society where more and more movies are being made about war, destruction and sadness, a feel good movie such as this is definitely a breath of fresh air. Take some time out of your hectic schedule to watch this movie yourself and see what it’s all about.