Amazon is the proud supplier of thousand of critically acclaimed films. Over the many years in Hollywood, there have been countless blockbuster films that have changed cinema. However, the heart of any great movie still relies on human emotion. The strongest emotion that anyone can feel is love.

A Walk To Remember is one of the most beautiful, love filled, and heart wrenching films that has ever been released. The movie stars Shane West and Mandy Moore. Upon its release, A Walk To Remember received a tremendous amount of positive feedback, and it’s not without reason. This movie was perfect in so many ways.

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A Walk To Remember tells the story of unbreakable love. The film’s main stars are young teens who have fallen deeply in love with each other. They are inseparable, but the father of the teenage girl objects her daughter’s relationship for reasons unknown. However, the deep love shared between the two teens cannot be separated by any outside forces. But, it’s eventually revealed that the young teenage girl is dying of cancer.

This incredible story shows how strong love can be, even in the face of death. With only a few months left to live, the teenage girl spends every last moment with her loving boyfriend. A Walk To Remember is a great film to watch with that special person in your life. The tragic, but heartwarming story will help you appreciate your loved ones even more. Those that love a great emotional story should purchase this film.