The A+ certification is recognized internationally and provides a person with validation of their technical knowledge related to foundation level IT practitioners. When certification is achieved, you can have confidence that you have the necessary knowledge and the skills that are needed to maintain, manage, install, troubleshoot, operate and also configure any type of office computing equipment, all while understanding the basic principles, being able to describe various computing technologies and adhere to all established professional standards.

If you are ready to receive your A+ voucher, which provides you access to the exam, it is essential to ensure you are fully prepared. Prior to receiving the voucher, it is a good idea to use a few other resources to ensure readiness, such as the Academic Course Kit, which takes you step by step through the necessary information on this exam. There is no question that acquiring the voucher and sitting for the test can be quite costly, which is why it is essential to plan ahead and ensure you have the funds and time to pass.

While there are some A+ exams offered online, most of them will require the voucher, which is then taken to one of the testing centers in Canada or the USA. There are other locations around the world that offer this testing, as well, if you are located elsewhere when you plan to take it. Be sure to select the voucher that corresponds with your chosen test location.

When you feel like you are ready, consider testing your knowledge with one of the prep books that are available, such as the CompTIA A+ Exam Cram, written by David L. Prowse. This can help you feel confident in the knowledge you have. When ready to take the exam, pick up your A+ voucher right away.