If you love Australian television and the 1950’s era lifestyle, there is a series you may want to invest some time in. A Place to Call Home stars actors Marta Dusseldorp and Noni Hazlehurst and is considered a romantic drama. The series deals with themes of sexuality, anti-Semitism and social class and is addictive in its deep portrayals of these themes through the nurse Sarah Nordman, played by Marta Dusseldorp, and her experiences with the aristocratic Bligh family. Fans of the series have been awaiting release of the A Place to Call Home Season 3 on DVD which was released April 5, 2016.

In A Place to Call Home Season 3 on DVD, popular characters Sarah Nordman and her traumatized husband Rene are faced with conflict between Sarah and ex-fiance George Bligh played by Brett Climo. Sarah’s challenges throughout this season are what fans have awaited with baited breath and the only way to learn what she decides is to pick up the DVD and start watching. If you have not been viewing the series as it plays out you can catch up on the young lovers with the bonus Season 2 Episode 10 feature.

Better yet, check out the full A Place to Call Home Season 2 on DVD or through streaming with Amazon Video. The DVD’s are only rated for USA and Canada so other countries have to catch this series through live streaming unless they have an adaptable player. Another options are a full on power session of watching with A Place to Call Home Season 1 as well. This series is also available through DVD and Amazon Video options.

Once you watch A Place to Call Home Season 3 on DVD, you will want to catch up with this entire captivating series about love and life in 1950’s Australia.