Protecting the screen of your iPhone 4 will keep your device as clean and scratch free as it was the day you bought it. At the same time, a hard-cover case allows you to show off your own personal style with a unique design that highlights your personality as well as flair. Look for a screen protector that easily fits the contours of your phone. You’ll also want a cut-out design that allows you to maintain access to all of your phone’s important functions.

For a luxurious, dazzling look, the Diamante Bling Case offers an A+ iPhone 4 screen protector that’s studded with rhinestone crystals. This one-of-a-kind design will make you the envy of all your friends. These cases come in a variety of images, such as stars, flowers, hearts and other crystal patterns that will showcase your personal taste as well as protect your phone.

The hard plastic construction provides ample protection from dust and fingerprints without interfering with your ports, screen and charging jack connection. This is not a cheap looking case, however. The rhinestone design is stunning and the stones will stay put under normal use, but if you are consistently rummaging around in your purse, the stones might start to fall off.

Mybat also features a variety of A+ iPhone 4 screen protector cases that will prevent your phone from falling victim to dents, scratches and other abrasions. These are two-piece hard cases that snap together for the ultimate protection. The slim style fit offers many stylish designs to choose from, such as a tree with heart-shaped leaves, butterfly with red roses, colorful bubbles and several flower design options. Resistant to breaking when dropped, the case has a nice, smooth feel that makes it easy to handle.

Finding the perfect A+ iPhone 4 screen protector will depend on how you use your phone on a daily basis. A high-quality screen protector that doesn’t interfere with needed functions provides the ultimate protection from scrapes and scuffs along with an ability to make a bold fashion statement.